NEW BRUNSWICK - A former Rutgers University student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate has given up his right to remain free while prosecutors appeal his 30-day jail sentence.

Ravi could be released on good behavior in as few as 20 days.

In August, he will begin paying a $10,000 fine and be required to perform 300 hours of community service.

Dharun Ravi appeared in state court in New Brunswick this morning to formally put on the record his decision to report to jail tomorrow.

The state's appeal of Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman's sentence as too lenient had automatically stayed the sentence. But Ravi announced yesterday that he has decided to start his jail term despite the appeal. He also issued his first public apology while continuing to deny that his actions were motivated by hate or bigotry. The sentencing judge had criticized Ravi for not showing remorse and told him, "I haven't heard you apologize once."

Despite Ravi's silence during the trial, the judge said that he could not find it within him to remand Ravi to a state prison that houses people convicted of murder, armed robbery and rape.

Ravi's roommate, Tyler Clementi, threw himself from the George Washington Bridge in 2010.

AP wire services contributed to this report. To watch extended footage of Dharun Ravi in court today, click on iO Extra on Channel 612.