FORT LEE - Many New Jersey school districts are getting creative when it comes to making up for repeated snow days after already using up allotted days.

In Fort Lee, six snow days were used and only two were built into the calendar, so officials are considering having school on Saturdays to make up what remains of the 180 days required by the state.

But students, parents and administrators still disagree on whether or not that option is the best choice. "It's a good attempt, but I don't think a lot of students will attend," says student Andrew Troya. "I feel like it will be pointless in the long run."

"The best way the school could get students to come would be to either take away spring break or add on more days at the end of the year," Troya says.

The superintendent says some students may not come to school if spring break is shortened, because of previously scheduled vacations.  Extra days in June will mean uncomfortably hot classrooms. 

Students and parents worry about disruptions to their schedules if classes are held on Saturdays. Many have jobs or recreational activties.

The state Department of Education first needs to approve the idea of Saturday classes.  A decision is expected Tuesday. 

If approved, the Fort Lee school board would vote on March 10 whether to hold Saturday classes.

The superintendent says no tests would be held on Saturdays and students could be excused for religious observance.