AVON-BY-THE-SEA - High levels of bacteria in the ocean forced multiple swimming advisories in Monmouth County earlier today.

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A sign at Sylvania Avenue Beach in Avon-By-The-Sea warned people that high bacteria in the water was detected in samples taken Monday. The sign urged people to avoid swimming, even wading in the ocean.

Under a "swimming advisory," the beach is not closed, but people swim at their own risk. Many people who News 12 New Jersey spoke with didn't see the sign.

By mid-day Wednesday, test results were back from a second round of sampling this week and the swimming advisory was lifted in Avon, Allenhurst, and Long Branch. However, the water samples taken at the Deal Casino beach club showed bacteria levels higher than the standard allowed.

The kind of bacteria found could cause ear, nose, throat, intestinal and urinary infections. Water samples are routinely performed every Monday by the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) at 186 ocean monitoring stations along the Jersey Shore.