MANCHESTER - The family of a 17-year-old girl that drowned in a lake at an old mining quarry in Manchester say they want others to learn from their daughter's death.

Denasia Davis was swimming with two other friends at Sarco Lake, a former mining pit at the old Heritage Minerals quarry on Tuesday. It is a popular place for many to swim or go off-roading, despite the numerous "no trespassing" signs. 

"We knew not to go back there," says Jerome Morris, Davis' uncle. "I just don't understand why they would make the commitment to go back there, knowing the water was dangerous."

Davis' family says she was not a strong swimmer. Police say Davis was in the shallow water near the edge when she went under.

Police have made numerous arrests for people trespassing on the property. News 12 New Jersey is told many people use the trails around the perimeter to gain access.

Davis' family wants to see those trails blocked off and more fences put up to better keep people out of the quarry.

News 12 New Jersey was unable to contact the property owners for comment.