NEWARK - Outrage over the George Zimmerman verdict has spilled out onto the streets of Newark, where protesters have shut down rush hour traffic for the fourth day in a row.

Drivers faced detours and long delays after Newark police diverted traffic around demonstrators rallying at Broad and Market streets.

The Newark Anti Violence Coalition and its supporters closed down the busy intersection each day to speak out against Zimmerman's acquittal, the death of Trayvon Martin, and many other young black men.

Organizers say they understand drivers' frustrations but say disruption is their goal.

Sharif Amenhotep with the Newark Anti Violence Coalition says, "That's the attention that we want. To inconvenience people to let them know that it cannot be business as usual."

Some drivers told News 12 New Jersey they supported the point protesters were trying to make and took the delays in stride.

The group says it will move the protest Thursday to the NJ Performing Arts Center.