HACKENSACK - Both the Bergen County sheriff and demonstrators are calling a police brutality protest in Hackensack a perfect example of a peaceful protest.

A group of protesters held the demonstration outside the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday evening. Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino says that the entire rally was peaceful and at one point officers brought out water for the demonstrators.

“I'm glad that the chief and undersheriff went and approached the group and asked 'Do you need anything?' There was no need for a police presence there during the whole thing because it remained peaceful at all times,” he says.

Organizers of the protest say that they hope that it is the beginning of a better dialogue with the law enforcement community.

“Their support and cooperation is all we need to get the conversation started, to get policy initiative enacted and once we see elected officials come out to our events we can plan on some tangible progress, some legislative progress,” says demonstrator Wildany Gerrero.

Gerrero says that the goal of the demonstration was to bring about positive change.