NEWARK - The fate of a man accused in one of Newark's most horrific murder cases is now in the hands of the jury, as deliberations began today at the Essex County Courthouse in the trial of Jose Carranza.

Carranza is accused of sexually assaulting and cutting the only surviving victim of the 2007 Newark schoolyard killings, actions his attorney argues were done by another co-defendant.

Co-defendant Shahid Baskerville testified against Carranza in exchange for a lighter sentence. The surviving victim, Natasha Aerial, has memory lapses as a result of the traumatic attack. The prosecution told the jury that Carranza was there and engaged in the attack.

The August 2007 execution-style killings behind Mount Vernon School in Newark took the lives of three young adults. Four of the six men and boys charged, each with gang ties, have pleaded guilty or have been convicted. Defense Attorneys try to poke holes in Carranza testimony Defense rests its case in schoolyard murders trial Testimony continues in Newark schoolyard murders trial

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