WALLINGTON - Hundreds of state-funded road construction projects will be delayed as of July 8 due to a lack of action to replenish the state transportation trust fund.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation released the list of projects that will be delayed due to the lack of funds.

One such project is the Eighth Street Bridge, which connects Passaic to Wallington.  The 100-year-old structure was slated for a $13 million replacement, but that is now on hold.

"The bridge is real bad.  Every time we pass, the trucks jump,” says Steven Arango with Road Runners Towing.

Any project that receives federal funds or toll revenues will not be affected by the delays. A spokesperson for the DOT says that the shutdowns will be similar to a holiday or weekend suspension of work.  

This means cones and signs will be left up, though no crews will be visible.  Lanes that normally would be closed for resurfacing will now stay open.  

Many drivers say that the roadwork should not be delayed.

"Its obvious things are falling apart and need to be maintained and will probably get to the point of being dangerous if it's neglected,” says Passaic resident Ben Friedman.

Some Democratic Assembly members will be joined on Friday by local leaders and union officials to rally for action on the trust fund.