FRENCHTOWN - A New Jersey tubing company is trying to make sure that summer is safe on the Delaware River. 

For years, life jackets were recommended but not required for certain age groups or large parties by Delaware River Tubing.  But the Frenchtown company has decided to make them mandatory for its tubing trips on the Delaware.

"Most of the river is shallow," Yuuji Crance. "It's safe, but you never know, so everyone wears one."

The river is 2 to 4 feet deep in most spots, but if the river floods, those 2 foot spots could be 5 feet deep.

Crance does patrols along the river and reminds customers if they're not wearing them.

At least six people died in the river last year, including a Virginia man who died while tubing.

The owner of Delaware River Tubing admits there's nothing preventing people from removing the life vests as they tube, but they do their best to patrol and encourage people to keep them on.