HOLMDEL - A young deer must have had a frozen yogurt craving last month when it busted through a window into a Holmdel shop.

Owners of Peachwave Yogurt off Highway 35 in Holmdel couldn't believe what they were seeing when they spotted a deer in their restaurant.

Alan Prachar says he and his daughter had just closed for the night when he heard a loud crash in the front of the store.

"We both come to the swinging door and right in the corner there is a deer," Prachar says.

On the surveillance video, Prachar's daughter can be seen stopping in her tracks as the deer scampers throughout the large shop.

"The poor thing couldn't get any traction, he kept falling down," Prachar says.

The deer was in the shop for more than 3 minutes before he finally made it out into the parking lot.

While the shop is back to normal, Prachar says it's an experience he won't forget.

The yogurt shop closed down for a day to clean up after the deer, get cleared by the health department and repair the window.

For video of deer in Holmdel yogurt shop, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.