TRENTON - Last week, the state announced that it had approved almost half a million dollars in tax breaks for the makers of "Jersey Shore." However, News 12 New Jersey found out that the production company shouldn't count its savings just yet.

At a news conference at the Statehouse earlier today, Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) made it clear that the final call over whether or not to approve the tax credits will be his.

The show qualified for the break under the state's Film Tax Credit program, run by the Economic Development Authority (EDA). A production company that shoots more than 60 percent of its show in New Jersey can get a portion of that cost knocked off its tax bill.

The credit given to "Jersey Shore" was for a season shot back in 2009. Christie says his office reviews all of these decisions.

The governor says his office has yet to receive the minutes from the EDA's meeting and will have a decision about whether or not to veto by next week.

'Jersey Shore' approved for $420,000 tax credit