POINT PLEASANT BEACH - Residents of Point Pleasant Beach are appalled that the township pulled the carcass of a sea turtle on to the beach and left it there.

John Mullen lives on the beach and says the turtle was found on the wet part of the sand, which is considered public property. Neighbors say authorities dragged in onto their private strip of sand, then said the residents would be responsible for removing it.

"I think they are completely incorrect, this is basically garbage that was dumped on someone else's site," Mullen says.

The marine animal is estimated to be between 500 and 1,000 pounds, and residents say they have no way to remove it.

Ken Poray says he called the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, hoping researchers might take it, and was told the turtle was from Trinidad. "They simply identified and tagged it. It's actually not in their domain or charter to remove the sea turtle," he says.

The neighbors argue that the township takes beached dolphins and whales so why not turtles.

A summons to clean up the turtle was issued, but John Mullen says it was waived. The turtle remains buried in the sand behind his and his neighbor's property.