RED BANK - David Goldman was able to bring his son home from Brazil a year and a half ago. He has now written a book on the struggle to bring his son home, which is called "A Father's Love."

"A Father's Love" chronicles Goldman's emotional and frustrating five-and-a-half year battle to bring his son home from Brazil. The battle began when Sean's mother brought the then 4-year-old to her native Brazil, with no plans to bring him back. The mother then remarried and died in childbirth in 2008. Goldman says that his son is "the only child to ever be returned under the Hague Treaty to America, so we still have a lot of children out there and they need our help."

He says that even though his son is now home, his fight isn't over. He's headed back to Washington, D.C. later this month for congressional hearings on the issue of international child abduction.

Sean's Brazilian grandparents are still fighting to bring the boy back there.