MERCER COUNTY - A waitress in Mercer County picked up the tab for a customer battling cancer.

Daniela Bossi, a server at Brothers Pizza, paid the bill for two customers, Rick Lewallen and his wife Annette, last Thursday.

Lewallen has brain cancer, and any time he eats out is a special occasion, Bossi says.

"I wanted to make a difference in the world, and I hope to have more people like that out there," Bossi says. "So I figured if I took the step that more people would follow."

Annette Lewallen says she had tears in her eyes when she realized that their bill had a balance of $0.

In an era when pictures of mean notes received by servers instead of a tip can go viral, Annette says it's amazing a 17-year-old would relate to the tough reality her family is facing.

Bossi, who says she typically earns $40 to $50 in tips on a good night, paid the tab with her own money. But when her employers found out about her generosity, they say they reimbursed her.