EDISON - Anti-drug advocates are warning parents about a new dangerous form of marijuana that has made its way to New Jersey.

The potent version of the drug goes by many names, including “shatter,” “honey,” or “dab.” It is consumed by either smoking or inhaling with a vaporizer.

"The potency of that product is five times that of traditional marijuana,” says Angelo Valente, of Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey.

Valente says that the drug is especially popular with teenagers because it’s easy to carry and conceal. However, he warns that it is very dangerous. The main ingredients for the drug are marijuana and the solvent butane.

"Butane is highly flammable,” says Valente. “In many situations, you have explosions taking place."

There have been media accounts across the country of explosions, fires or injuries that are linked to the drug.

Experts say that they also worry about the possible long-term health effects, especially brain development in teenagers.

"Anytime you put a chemical in your body especially chemicals that are not made for consumption…there's going to be some sort of consequence,” Valente says.

Valente wants parents to talk to their teens about the dangers of all drugs, especially “shatter.”