ELMWOOD PARK - Renovations to make a dangerous railroad crossing in Bergen County safer have been completed.

Rep. Bill Pascrell and New Jersey Transportation Commissioner Jaime Fox held a media event Monday to discuss the improvements. In the last 40 years, there have been 20 accidents at the Midland Avenue crossing in Elmwood Park. Two of the incidents have been fatal. The new improvements are expected to drastically reduce the number of train and car collisions.

"We believe that what we are doing here will result in at least a 40 percent reduction in any type of incident," says Commissioner Fox.

The improvements include a queue traffic signal, which tied the crossing signals to stoplights at nearby intersections to prevent traffic from backing up onto the tracks. There are also signs warning motorists to be aware of the crossing.

"After this project is fully implemented, we'll have a safe crossing and accidents will be reduced significantly," says Rep. Pascrell.

One of the reasons the intersection has had so many incidents is an incline that makes it difficult to see as drivers are traveling over the tracks.