MANTOLOKING - The entire stretch of beach in Mantoloking is closed due to a 10- to 15-foot drop created by last weekend's storm.

The steel wall built after Superstorm Sandy is exposed along much of the way. The fear is that people could get stuck during high tide and possibly drown as the water now comes all the way up to the wall during high tide.

"People could get stuck," says Council Member Chris Nelson. "They shouldn't be down there in the first place. If they are they're going to have a lot of difficulty getting up. At high tide, this is very, very dangerous."

There are emergency ladders, but they are hard to find and can be tough to get up.

Barricades have been put up at all beach access points. The town's Office of Emergency Management is working with the DEP to bring in sand. They want to make ramps that can be used in case of an emergency.