NEWARK - (AP) - Customs officers at New Jersey's NewarkLiberty Airport say they seized some unusually heavy soccer ballsfrom a Peruvian man's luggage.

It turns out the four deflated balls contained a substance thattested positive as cocaine. Customs say they also found the samepowder inside four pair of sandals belonging to the same man,46-year-old Heber Razuri Leon.

Customs officers say the balls and the sandals were both heavierthan they should have been. In all they recovered nearly 5 poundsof cocaine.

It was the second drug discovery in the past week at theairport. Customs also found 1.2 pounds of cocaine inside an"anomaly" in the luggage of 29-year-old Italian citizen DanielaMastromariono. She arrived on a flight from Costa Rica.

Both travelers face federal charges.