WARREN COUNTY - A customer who saw something special in a woman working three jobs, raising three kids and helping to rescue dogs gave her a gift she'll never forget.

Christina Summitt is a bartender at the 111 Bar inside the Clinton Holiday Inn. Last Saturday, she started talking to a couple about her dog Tucker, who had swallowed a plastic ball and needed life-saving surgery.

"I was ready to sell my car, my only car," Summitt says. "I was ready to sell it, because that's what Tucker means to me."

Summitt says she spoke to the couple about a mutual love for animals, and her volunteer work rescuing pit bulls. When they paid, she found a $1,000 tip on the credit card slip.

"He was a great laid back funny guy," she says. "You'd never guess he hands money out to people just to help them."

Summitt says she went back to the table in disbelief. "I'm hysterically crying, shaking like a leaf, wouldn't take no for an answer," she says. 

The general manager of the Holiday Inn in Clinton did confirm with the customer that the transaction was legit.

The man is reported to be the owner of a Mercedes dealership in Louisiana. He was in Clinton that night visiting family for Easter.

The customer asked simply that the money go toward Tucker's surgery and that he remain anonymous.