NEW BRUNSWICK - A Rutgers fundraiser to support the Palestinian Territory of Gaza has turned student groups against each other, with some critics calling it an illegal misuse of university funds.

The benefit was run by a group called BAKA: Students for Middle Eastern Justice and its leaders say the event has been misconstrued.

The issue is whether money raised here should go to a group called U.S. to Gaza, which is trying to get past Israel's Naval Blockade. Both the Anti-Defamation League and Rutgers Hillel have condemned it.

The executive director of Rutgers Hillel says it's a question of whether the university is allocating funds for a purpose that violates federal law.

When student groups raise money for charity, Rutgers holds the funds until they can be donated. Rutgers Hillel says it feels confident the university will not give the money to any group that would violate laws.