EDGEWATER - Low tide hindered efforts to fight a fire on a pedestrian pier along the Hudson River in Edgewater early Wednesday.

The fire broke out around midnight in Edgewater Harbor.

Chief Tom Jacobson says crews encountered problems from the start. Firefighters had to battle the flames from land, and nearby hydrants did not have enough pressure.

"We immediately called for the fire boat and assistance to fight it because we had a water issue," he says. "We had to take water from River Road, which is a bit far away.  And we had low tide, so the boats couldn't get close to assist with the fire fighting efforts."

Jacobson says wind fanned the flames, which were coming from underneath the pier, but since crews couldn't get underneath, they had to cut holes in the top and spray water from above.  

Fire companies from several surrounding towns were called in to help.

There are no reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Officials say there were no witnesses. They are looking at surveillance video to help determine what caused the fire.