NEWARK - Freezing conditions created enough strain Wednesday to crack a large, aging water main on one of Newark's busiest streets.

A 12-inch break at the intersection of Bloomfield and Clifton avenues caused issues for drivers

The water main was fixed, but crews remain on the scene repairing the road around it.

The break only affected about 50 customers because Newark supplies water on a loop system.

Work began around 5 a.m., which caused a lot of congestion during the morning commute as crews worked to locate the source of the break.

"The actual repair only took two hours, but isolating it took several hours because of the weather conditions," says Andrea Adebowale, of the Newark Department of Water and Sewer. "We had to find the main gate in order to stop the flow of water gushing out in the street."

Workers had the pipes in the ground and insulated before the overnight temperature drop.