PATERSON - Days after a gas explosion destroyed several homes in Paterson, one of those residents left homeless was reunited with some prized possessions.

Laurice Kalyoussef lived in her home for 45 years and says she lost everything in the explosion. While cleanup crews were working on the pile of rubble, Kalyoussef asked if they could keep an eye out for some of her possessions.

“I was nervous for three days now. But when he started looking I was telling him what I was missing. He kept looking. He did the greatest job just to find what I am asking him for. It's great. It's wonderful,” Kalyoussef says.

Bill Vecharello is in charge of clearing out the lot. He was able to find some jewelry given to Kalyoussef by her late husband, as well as $9,400 in cash.

"We came upon her jewelry and cash. Like finding a needle in a haystack,” Vecharello says. “[We found it] in the bottom of the pile believe it or not."

Kalyoussef’s sister took the jewelry back to her home for safe-keeping. The money that was found was Kalyoussef’s life savings.

Over a dozen firefighters were hurt when the home exploded. Officials are still trying to determine what sparked the blast.