JERSEY CITY - Local municipalities are ramping up their efforts to repair roads badly damaged during the last few winter months.

Jersey City officials announced Tuesday that the town is tripling the number of crews patching potholes.

On Monday, the state Department of Transportation deployed 13 “pothole killer” trucks to repair potholes on state roads.

"We're estimating somewhere around 300,000 potholes,” said Assistant Commissioner Andrew Tunnard. “We're deploying a lot of state forces out on the roadway, not only during workday hours, but sometimes creeping into the afterhours."

Drivers who spoke to News 12 New Jersey say the repairs cannot come soon enough. 

"Sometimes, it would hit so hard that you actually heard like a bang as if it was like a car pileup," says one driver.

Motorists are expected to pay thousands in repairs sustained from potholes.

The DOT says it plans to spend around $4 million on pothole repair for state roads.

Drivers can report potholes by calling 1-800-POTHOLE or by going to the state Department of Transportation's website: