BAYONNE - A fast-moving fire early this morning has displaced at least three families from their Bayonne homes.

The fire started at around 3:30 a.m. in the upstairs apartment of a two-story house on Avenue E, near 37th Street. It then spread to the three-story home next door.

Cellphone video captured at the scene seems to indicate that wind fueled the flames, causing heavy smoke conditions for firefighters.

Police say a woman jumped from a second-floor window to escape the flames. Her husband was on the ground attempting to catch her. They say the woman suffered a broken leg and the man suffered back injuries.

News 12 is told a told a dog that belonged to one of the families died of smoke inhalation. Several cats made it out of the fire.

Officials are still working to determine what sparked the flames.

At least two firefighters required medical attention due to the excessive smoke. There is no word on their condition.