CRESSKILL - Officials in Cresskill are considering legislation that would impose fines of up to $1,000 on people who ignore the town's lightning detection alarms.

Officials say not everyone is paying attention to warnings when there is lightning in the area. Cresskill Fire Chief Christopher Ulshoefer says the issue has been ongoing on playing fields and public pools. "I know the recreation department had problems last year trying to evacuate people off the fields," Ulshoefer says. "Residents and/or coaches did not want to exit."

Residents say the warnings are important and should be obeyed like any other law, but that a $1,000 fine seems excessive.

There are seven monitors around town, which can detect lightning within 10 miles. The siren sounds for 15 seconds and a strobe flashes until the warning is over.

Cresskill council members will take a final vote on the proposed fine Wednesday night.