WANTAGE - The pilot of a Cessna 210 aircraft has died after the plane crashed in a wooded area in Sussex County.

The plane was found upside down in the woods Thursday. Its wings were torn off and the pilot was found dead inside.

Initial news reports said that the plane was reported missing earlier this week, but News 12 New Jersey has learned that this was not the case. Officials believe that the plane may have crashed on Tuesday.

According to the Civil Air Patrol, a South Eastern Group ground team out of Poughkeepsie started to track an emergency locator transmitter signal. They set out to search for the signal on Tuesday, but did not locate the crash site until Thursday.

Once the site was located, the team alerted the New Jersey State Police.

It appeared that the pilot was the only person aboard the plane when it crashed.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.