CRANFORD - Cranford police say the department has had a 100 percent success rate when using an anti-overdose drug called Narcan, and no lives have been lost since using the drug.

"It's incredible to see the instantaneous turnaround," says Det. Matt Nazzaro. "You administer that Narcan and within the first few minutes that person starts breathing and they come back."

Cranford police say that since July 2014, every primary police vehicle has Narcan kits. Officers have had to use Narcan nine times, and it's worked every time.

The heroin epidemic is a large problem in New Jersey. In June, Gov. Chris Christie announced that police and first responders would be able to purchase Narcan at a discount rate.

Many families of people who have lost loved ones to overdoses say they are happy police officers now have this tool.

Others say they would also like to see more education on addiction prevention.