NORWOOD - Norwood police say a coyote that attacked a man walking his dog over the weekend has tested positive for rabies.

The coyote was found and euthanized earlier in the week.

Coyote traps are being set up near schools in Norwood after two dens were found nearby.

A woman from the area also had a run in with one on Sunday.

"The fangs came out and he slowly stared me down. He knew I was scared,” says Diane Zagackio. "He started coming towards me; I'm backing up and then I scream for my husband."

The coyote ran off once her husband started making loud noises.

Experts say if a coyote approaches humans, there's a good chance they're rabid.

There has been a recent rash of coyote sightings and encounters in both Norwood and other towns in Bergen County.