NORTH EDISON - A coyote was spotted roaming a wooded area in North Edison today.

Several pictures sent in to News 12 New Jersey show the coyote running through a field and across a street.

The sighting comes a few days after police in Saddle Brook issued a coyote advisory to its residents. Police say several sightings were reported in and near the wooded areas along the Saddle River, including the Bergen County Park bike/walking paths.

Wildlife officials offer these tips in the event of a coyote sighting:

- If a coyote is sighted, avoid the immediate area and make loud noises to scare it away. - Keep all pets/dogs leashed when walking and never let them roam freely. - Do not feed wild animals or birds or pets outside. - Keep household garbage in tightly secured cans/containers. - Install secure yard enclosures/fencing for pets kept outside. - Install motion detection outdoor lighting. - Clear dense brush, weeds and habitats that harbor rodents and the like in and around property.