OAKLAND - A coyote broke into the home of one Bergen County family this past weekend.

Ken Dunwald says he noticed it was drafty in the basement of his Oakland home Saturday morning, but didn't expect to find that a coyote had opened the window. The wild animal left a gaping hole in the window, with shattered glass all over.

Dunwald spotted the animal about 10 feet from the window, curled up on the floor. Dunwald figures that the coyote charged full speed at one of the many critters that pass by their ground-level windows at night, but missed its intended prey and crashed headlong through the glass.

Dunwald says even police found it hard to believe that a coyote was in the house and asked if he was sure it wasn't a dog. The family says that animal control officers decided against capturing the animal since it appeared unhurt and that it eventually escaped through the garage.