KINNELON - Kinnelon is the latest school district in New Jersey to cancel events due to an outbreak of the coxsackie virus.

Friday’s Kinnelon High School football game was canceled due to the outbreak, which is affecting many student-athletes.

The virus causes blisters to appear on an infected patient’s mouth, hands and feet. It also causes fever and body aches. The virus is spread through physical contact, coughing and sneezing.

The Kinnelon superintendent says the school and buses are being disinfected.

Pediatrician Anjuli Suda says that the outbreak is unusual, but treatable. She says anyone who contracts the virus can treat it with Advil, mouth wash to prevent pain and anti-inflammatories.

At least five other schools also reported outbreaks, including High Point Regional, Hunterdon Regional, Don Bosco Prep, Pequannock and Wallkill.