HACKENSACK - When John and Kim Pesola were planning where to throw their wedding, the courtyard of a hospital was certainly not on the list.

However, fate sometimes has other plans in mind.

"[Thursday] morning I woke up to start my day, getting ready to pack for the honeymoon and getting ready to finalize everything for the wedding today and I felt chest pains," says John Pesola.

Following the chest pains, John and Kim decided to go to the hospital to have John checked out. Early Friday morning, while in the hospital, John started to have a heart attack.

"I was told I had 127 episodes and I had a blocked left ventricle," John says. Doctors call the lesion on his heart "the widowmaker" and say he's very lucky to be alive.

Once John was stabilized, he and his fiancee Kim decided to keep their wedding date, and get married right at Hackensack University Hospital. The couple are college sweethearts and were married on the rooftop garden at the hospital.

"It easily could have been the worst day of my life instead of the best day of my life," says Kim. "We're so fortunate that he's alive and he went with his gut feeling that something wasn't right."

Doctors say that because John was inside the hospital at the time of the heart attack they were able to catch it early. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The couple says they plan to have a big, lavish wedding reception at a later date.