OCEAN COUNTY - A plan is in place to avoid traffic tie-ups for Seaside's upcoming St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The changes were prompted after major backups on roadways last weekend following the Polar Bear Plunge.

An estimated 15,000 people descended onto roads after the event, and with ongoing Route 35 construction, traffic was backed up for miles.

Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari says he's asked the state to keep all lanes open around the event.

"They have to listen to the eight towns, and mayors, and police departments," Vicari says. "So there's a proper plan so this doesn't happen again.  I believe if they did listen it wouldn't have happened last week."

Freeholder Vicari says the state has promised to put up temporary roads for the event. He says areas currently ripped up for construction will be filled for the parade on March 8.