PLAINFIELD - At a council meeting in Plainfield earlier this week, Councilwoman Rebecca Williams scolded Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs for interrupting her, which prompted the mayor to question the councilwoman's patriotism.

The mayor publicly questioned Councilwoman Williams' decision not to say the Pledge of Allegiance during the meetings. The councilwoman stated in the meeting that it is her right as an American citizen not to say the pledge.

The councilwoman tells News 12 New Jersey she does not say the pledge during the council meetings for religious reasons, but she does stand to show her respect. She calls the mayor's attack nothing more than a distraction and a political vendetta.

When questioned about the incident, Robinson-Briggs told News 12 New Jersey, "All I want to say to you is that I support the Constitution of the United States. I love this country. I love Plainfield. I love our veterans. And I wear my flag pin every day."