EDISON - Recently released documents reveal that taxpayers have already paid more than $1 million in legal bills related to Bridge-Gate, and the expenses may just be starting to come in.

Toll payers on the George Washington Bridge and other Port Authority crossings will be the ones paying for the legal representation for more than a dozen employees caught up in the Bridge-Gate investigation.

The costs for representing state workers are also adding up quickly. Attorneys are billing thousands of hours at $350 each.
Criminal defense attorney Darren Gelber wouldn't venture a guess without knowing how much work is needed for each client, but was certain this isn't going away soon. "What many people would think of as taking a very long time, in legal circles, would be thought of as the blink of an eye," he says.
The total is already over $1.5 million and neither the Port Authority nor the Attorney General's Office would dare to speculate as to how much it's going to cost in the end.