WASHINGTON - Vice President Joe Biden swore in Cory Booker as the newest member of the U.S. Senate in the Old Senate Chamber Thursday afternoon.

Booker is now the second African-American in the Senate, and the first from New Jersey. The former Newark mayor fills the void left by Sen. Frank Lautenberg's death earlier this year.

Booker provided his own bible for the oath. He was surrounded by his mother, brother and other family members. His father died Oct. 10.

The new senator says he looks forward to working with representatives from both sides of the aisle.

"This experience that I have working with Republicans in New Jersey from Sen. Kean to Gov. Christie and others, that reputation of working together with people is something that I hope can give me some tailwinds in working with other Republicans now," says Booker.

Booker's campaign was built around bringing people together to make a difference. "I'm hoping by eight months in this job, I hope I have a record for making a difference in the state," he says. "I hope to meet the expectations of a lot of the residents of our state and exceed them."

Booker met with Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama on his first day in office.

The Democratic majority stands at 55 senators.

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