NEW YORK - A New Jersey man wanted for a vicious punch that was caught on camera in New York City was arrested in New Jersey. 

New York City police say the man throwing the punch in the cell phone video Tuesday is 34-year-old Corey Pohan of Bergen County. 

The video shows the suspect running away as the victim goes down.

Investigators looking for Pohan showed up at Joaquin Pimentel's North Bergen apartment Wednesday. "I find it kind of strange that he probably lived in the apartment where I currently reside right now," he says.

Police did eventually find Pohan at his mother's home in Lakewood, but as they were bringing him in for questioning, he suddenly bailed and tried to hide on the roof of a New Jersey Turnpike toll plaza.

New Jersey State Police say that's when one of their troopers captured and arrested him.

Pohan is now in the Hudson County Jail charged with trespassing. 

Authorities in New York still want to talk to him about the video. They say the victim hit his head on the pavement and was taken to the hospital.