PLUMSTED - Police say an Ocean County mother was severely beaten by her boyfriend and attacked by his pit bull in front of their 4-year-old son.

Police say the beating happened inside their home on Park Avenue in Plumsted. Neighbors who called 911 say the woman managed to escape, fleeing to the house next door for help. They say she was bloodied with dog bites to the face and arms. They say she had boot imprints on her face as well. Police say drugs could have played a role in the attack.

A manhunt is now under way for two men - her boyfriend, Shaun Hunt, 40, and his brother, Andrew Dockery, Jr., 26. Dockery is accused of helping in the attack. Both men are charged with aggravated assault. Police believe the men could still be in New Jersey, Virginia or North Carolina. The woman required two surgeries on her arms. The couple's child is staying with an extended family member.