BAYONNE - New details are emerging surrounding a murder-suicide in Bayonne.

Authorities say a suicide note was found in the car of 28-year-old Adepso Collado, who took the lives of three people, including a baby boy, before killing himself. County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio says Collado's note was more than a page-long, but was not rambling. He says the note referred to a gun and made clear Collado's intention to kill his family and himself.

Investigators determined the note was written shortly before the killing spree and that Collado had been watching the house for some time.Police say Collado argued with his estranged wife, 26-year-old Kenia Collado, and her friend, 31-year-old Jose Guzman at the front door of the Avenue A home. Guzman was holding his 14-month-old son. All three were killed.A neighbor says he saw Collado force his way into the home. "I saw him push someone back with his right hand and he used his left arm to push the door shut," neighbor David Sloan said.

DeFazio says up to 20 shots were fired. He says Collado showed up at the house with a .45-caliber semi-automatic gun and three clips of ammunition. The estranged wife's roommate was wounded and two other children in the home escaped unharmed. Police: Infant, 3 others killed in Bayonne murder-suicide