LITTLE EGG HARBOR - Little Egg Harbor may be forced to cut police officers from its force. Mayor Ray Gormley says the cuts are necessary due to a major budget shortfall and Gov. Chris Christie's (R-N.J.) new 2.5% tax increase cap.

Residents that News 12 New Jersey spoke to say they are worried that crime is going to go up in the quiet shore community. Lt. Tom Williams says that the potential cut of 12 police officers, about a fourth of the force, would mean that assignments would have to be rearranged within the department. He says the cuts would "have an impact on the police department, the township as a whole and the community."

Six construction workers, five Public Works employees and four clerks also received pink slips.

The municipality says it hopes to work out compromises with the unions, possibly with reduced salary increases and sharing in the cost of health insurance to try to save some of the jobs.