PATERSON - Police say two masked gunmen broke into a home late last night, demanding money and drugs, before realizing they had broken into the wrong home. One of the robbers took off with a cell phone, which in turn led police to solve the case.

Cops say two gunmen fired into the woman's home on Market Street, narrowly missing her daughter and 9-year-old grandson. The family was held at gunpoint, while the suspects demanded money and drugs from the homeowner's son. The homeowner, Caroline, said she doesn't have a son, and that's when the gunmen realized they were attempting to rob the wrong home. They took off, but not before taking her daughter's cell phone.

Police tracked the suspect down to the corner of Godwin Avenue and Rosa Parks Boulevard and called the stolen phone. Upon hearing the ringtone, the theme song from the TV show "Law and Order," they say they knew they were in the right place.

One suspect, Michael Richardson, was arrested, and police are still looking for the second gunman.