CLIFFSIDE PARK - There are a lot of nervous residents in Cliffside Park, a normally quiet community, lined with brick houses with luxury vehicles packed into neat driveways. Now, police are investigating a serious crime which took place early Wednesday morning in the 400 block of Washington Avenue.

Police say someone inside the home called 911 saying there was an intruder inside. When the police arrived they say they found that two people inside the home had been sexually assaulted. Police say that someone in the home interrupted the crime and the suspect got away. He remains at large. There was a strong police presence in the neighborhood Thursday evening. Officers were scoping out neighborhoods, providing extra police protection and trying to make neighbors feel safe.

News 12 New Jersey spoke with neighbors who say they are worried about where this man could be, and whether it could happen again.

The victims were taken to the hospital and have been medically cleared. Police say the suspect is a light skinned male, 5'-7" to 5'10" tall with dark hair. Police say two other burglaries reported in the area happened around the same time and may be connected. Anyone with information is urged to call Cliffside Park police at 201-945-3600.