LAKEWOOD - After being convicted of killing Lakewood police officer Chris Matlosz, Jahmell Crockam may face a second murder trial.

The family of the second man Crockam's accused of murdering is speaking out. The stepfather of Justin Williams spoke exclusively to News 12 New Jersey. David Pierce says he's happy Matlosz' loved ones have closure. Pierce says he hopes his family will one day also have that same closure so they can begin to heal.

Crockam is accused of murdering Williams three months before Matlosz was killed. Williams? stepfather says Williams was trying to get out of their gang, but that Crockam wouldn't let him. The 20-year-old's body was found dumped on a street in Lakewood soon after.

Crockam and Williams had become friends in 2010, when Williams and his family moved to Lakewood from Manchester. They bought a house on the same street as the Crockams. No trial date for this case has been set yet.