BELMAR - There is controversy tonight over how money donated to help a homeless man is being spent.

The money was donated to help David Ivins. A YouTube video in which Ivins was seen being beaten garnered worldwide attention and an outpouring of help.

A local charity called Wall Helps Its People (WHIP) collected more than $10,000 for his aid.

Ivins' family says that he hasn't seen a cent of that money. They say WHIP has paid some of his outstanding tickets, but without consulting him or his family first.

The family says that they are trying to get Ivins the help he needs and believes the money should have been better spent.

Jeff Foster, the mayor of Wall Township and a member of WHIP, tells News 12 New Jersey that he and the president of WHIP have made the decisions on the money since Ivins doesn't have a power of attorney.

Foster adds that there had been a warrant out for Ivins' arrest in Neptune over a $1,300 ticket.

The mayor says WHIP doesn't give money directly to families, but rather reimburses them after they receive bills. He says that is done to ensure the money is properly spent.

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