READINGTON - A school dance that made national headlines when the principal decided girls could not wear strapless dresses was held Friday night.

Officials say they instituted the ban in an effort to prevent potentially damaging wardrobe malfunctions from showing up online.

Parents and students at Readington Middle School are still frustrated over the controversy, and some students decided not to attend the dance.

Kaitlyn May is one of the girls that fought to overturn the ban on strapless dresses, but a judge upheld it. She spent Friday at home with friends and family.

Parents dropping their kids off at the dance were still split on the issue. Some sided with the principal, saying it was her decision to make. Others still don't believe they should have to wear straps.

Some students compromised on the ban, wearing dresses with one strap.

Everyone did agree that they were happy to have the ordeal behind them.