SEASIDE HEIGHTS - An Ocean County-based contractor says a nonprofit organization owes nearly $25,000 for work done in Seaside Heights.

After Superstorm Sandy, MTV’s parent company Viacom donated money to Seaside Heights through the nonprofit Architecture for Humanity. The organization then hired Trinity Construction to build shade parlors along Seaside’s boardwalk to give visitors a chance to get out of the sun.

Trinity Construction was supposed to be paid $135,000 for the project, but never received the final payment. Architecture for Humanity closed down in January and filed for bankruptcy.

Trinity Construction owner David Kiessling says the borough should pay the remainder of what is owed.

"As a borough, it's built on their property for visitors, vacationers, and for locals to enjoy.  Why should that really be at our expense?” Kiessling asks.

Seaside Heights administrator Christopher Vaz says in a statement, "We are not unsympathetic, but there's nothing we can do. That's not how municipal government works. The borough was not under contract with the contractor."

Phone lines at Architecture for Humanity appear to be disconnected. Calls made to Viacom for comment were not returned.