FORT LEE - Elementary school students in Fort Lee are scrambling to get their hands on trading cards featuring Fort Lee police officers.

Ninety-two officers have posed for pictures on the front of the card. The back of the cards feature their bios and messages. 

"It makes them feel good, it makes them feel special like they're a sports hero," says Fort Lee Deputy Police Chief Timothy Ford. "We encourage the kids to approach an officer when he's not doing police work to ask for his card."

The goal is to collect all 92 cards, with a chance to win a prize at the end. The kids even have strategies to collect all the cards.

"If we didn't buy one of these cool albums, we can lose them all over and we wouldn't know if we have them or have not," says Fort Lee student Nick Gertsen.

Ford hopes to create a better relationship between police officers and kids.

"We're trying to build a bridge between the kids in town and the police officers on the street and make them more approachable," says Ford.

If you can't collect all 92, the other option is to get a wildcard. Wildcards are given by officers if they see you doing a good deed. These wildcards can replace a cop card.

The contest runs through November.