EDISON - New Jersey has some of the strongest laws in the nation to regulate amusement park and carnival safety.

This week, Kane In Your Corner investigated parks and traveling carnivals in the state to make sure they were taking the proper safety precautions, as well as reporting to state officials any accidents or injuries that occurred.

News 12’s Walt Kane says that there are still ways that park and carnival guests can protect themselves and their families from injury.

Kane says it is important to obey all written and posted instructions and rules for an attraction. Many rides will indicate the proper height, weight and age required to ride. Some rides may also come with health restrictions.

Another way to stay safe is to make sure the ride has a state inspection sticker. Kane says that a green certificate of operation sticker shows that a ride was inspected and passed the regulations required by New Jersey.

Kane also says to double check seat belts, harnesses and lap bars before the ride begins to make sure that they are secure. Parents should double check for any small children.

Any guest that sees any unsafe behavior or condition on a ride should report it to a supervisor or manager immediately.