EDISON - In one of the biggest recalls in automotive history, 24 million vehicles have been recalled so far due to faulty Takata air bags.

The recall was issued after 11 people were killed and hundreds more injured. But over a year into the recall, less than one-third of the defective air bags have been replaced.

According to Automotive Attorney Jacqueline Herritt, car companies are telling people it could be several months or even years until the parts are replaced.  Herritt says that Honda is doing the right thing by warning customers to stop driving Acuras and Hondas with defective airbags. The company is offering free loaner or rental cars.

“The other manufacturers haven’t gotten to that point yet,” says Herritt, “and obviously everyone with those air bags are in the same situation. They’re just not getting the same.”

Earlier this month, the federal government warned it might recall 85 million more air bags, unless the manufacturer can prove they are safe. 

Customers still waiting for a recalled air bag to be replaced should ask their dealer for a free loaner or rental, even if they are not offering one.  

More information about the recall can be found at the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration website.